Did T. Rex Have Feathers?


Did T Rex Have Feathers? you ask.

Research has shown that the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the tyrant lizard king, had very few, if any feathers.

Did birds evolve from Protoavis or Archaeopteryx?


There is two main theories about how birds evolved.  One is that Archaeopteryx evolved into birds and the other is that Protoavis did.

Protoavis lived in the Late Triassic Period, and was as big as a modern-day jay.  It most definentally had feathers, and from small fossil records scientists have collected, it was more like a bird than a dino.  Some palientologists think that birds evolved from this dinosaur.  If this is true, then birds would have been around since the Jurassic, making Archaeopteryx a dead end.

Archaeopteryx lived in the time of the Late Jurassic.  It was the size of a raven, excluding its long tail with feathers branching out.  It could climb with its clawed wings and glide with its flight feathers.  Most scientists believe this creature was a key link between dinosaurs and birds.

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