Raptors are awesome.


Some think raptors are bloodthirsty monsters that are serial killers and others believe they are fluffy feathery cute little guys to pat on the head.

The real ones are probably in a gray area between those two ideas.

They did have feathers, though.  Their whole bodies were probably covered in feathers except for their legs, feet, claws and face.  Also, the smallest one, Microraptor, had gliding capabilities.  The raptors in Jurassic Park were velociraptors, but monstrously oversized.  They were only as big as a lapdog.  I would suggest Jurassic Park to change them into Utahraptors.

Raptors laid eggs.  The chicks that hatched out were probably like chicken chicks; able to walk and scramble minutes after hatching.  Though the hatchlings had many good adaptations, the death rate was probably very high.  The biggest raptor was Utahraptor. It was 20 feet long and 8 feet tall.  Its chicks when hatched would be the size of a dog.

Research has shown that almost all raptors could not use their feathers to glide.  These dinosaurs probably used the feathers for warmth, attracting mates and gaining speed when running.

Raptors ate a variety of food items.  For example, Microraptor craved fish and small forest critters while Austroraptor chased down other dinosaurs and large prey.  In my story Arak and Petra, previously posted, Petra’s fear of the Deinonychuses is a little exaggerated.

These dinosaur’s golden age was in the Late Cretaceous, but they were around the whole period.

The asteroid hit in the end of the late Cretaceous.  When it hit, it immediately moltenized the surrounding crust of the Earth and a few seconds afterwards, sent a flattening shockwave around the planet, annihilating 99% of all life on Earth.

This set an opening for the birds and mammals to rise, the survivors of one of the biggest mass extinctions recorded on planet Earth.

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