Top Weird Birds- Living Edition

Top 21 Weird Birds

Everybody needs to go off topic sometimes.  History gets old.

Bleeding Hearts

Although this bird looks like it’s having serious physical health problems, the “Bleeding Heart” is only an exquisite red plumage pattern.  This bird is a type of dove that lives in Asia.


These weird guys are a type of nocturnal bird that eat bugs and small mammals.  Their camouflage is very effective as they kind of look like sticks.  When angered or excited, they puff up, as you can see.

Three Wattled Bellbird

These guys look kinda bizarre.  However, their looks are not the only reason they are on this list.  Their song is unbelievable! Go to this link to listen:

Superb Bird of Paradise

The male does an awesome courtship dance.  They puff up their blue neck feathers.  They live in New Guinea.  The locals hunt them for the plumage.


The shoebill got its name from its bill resembling a shoe.  In the second picture, the shoebill is not eating the duck, but moving it out of its territory.

Philippine Eagle

These guys are one of the largest species of eagles.  They even eat monkeys!  Try to see a person’s face in the eagle’s expression.


The world’s only flightless parrot.  This bird lives in New Zealand and was almost extinct by the intro auction of goats, cats, and rats.


The Oilbird is the only bird in its family.  The oilbird is nocturnal and eats insects like moths.  They were hunted for their fatty oil.

White-necked Rockfowl

This bizarre-looking bird lives in Western Africa and nests in large boulders by streams.  They were featured in the documentary, “Life of Birds”


  Hoatzin chick using claws to climb tree

Chick swimming in water after jumping from nest to avoid predators, Guyana

Hoatzins live in the Amazon, and they are the embodiment of the term survival of the fittest.  One reason is that they stink, which disgusts most predators.  Another reason is that their chicks have claws on their wings like Archaeopteryx.  The reason of this is to climb up trees when they fall or escape from predators.  Finally, they are awesome swimmers.  For example, when a snake attacks the nest, the chicks drop into the water and swim to shore.



You either be disgusted by this bird or wish you had it as a pet.  The Potoo has very large eyes for its body.  Also, like the frogmouths, they are excellent at camouflage.

Long-wattled Umbrellabirds

The Umbrellabird doesn’t even look like it could fly.  These birds have a long feathered wattle and live in Africa. Also, their name come from their hanging crest.

Cock of the Rocks

The Andean Cock of the Rock is Peru’s national bird.  The females lay 2 eggs in large boulders in rainforests

Inca tern

Inca terns are just — Beautiful.  They live off the coasts of Peru and Chile.  They eat small fish like anchovies.

Royal flycatcher


This bird is photoshopped, right?

Nope.  This bird is called the Amazonian Royal Flycatcher.  They live in the Amazon jungle.  When threatened this bird tilts its head side to side with its crest up.  Also, It lifts its crest during displays.


This ball of fluff is an actual bird that lives in New Zealand called the Kiwi.  The Kiwi is flightless.  Its egg is about one-quarter the size of its body.

Blue-footed Bobbie

The Blue-footed Bobie lives on the Galapagos islands off the coast of Equador.  It uses those bright blue feet in courtship dances.

Vulturine Guineafowl

This bird lives in Africa.  You can either think its beautiful or its ugly.

Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

The Lady Amherst’s Pheasant is a very beautiful species of fowl.  The male has an interesting courtship.  He folds his white cheek feathers up, covering his face.  This display is shown in the second image above.


Gold pheasant

This pheasant is a more vivid version of the Amherst’s Pheasant.  It is found in Asia

Great Argus

The Great Argus has a very long tail for its size.  Overall though, this pheasant is a giant, measuring six and a half feet long while weighing only 6 lbs!  It has a spectacular display.  The male shows off his wing feathers which are beautifully spotted.



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  1. These are an amazing list of birds. I had not heard of any except the blue-footed boobie which I saw in the Galapagos. I would love to see some of these birds in real life. The potoo and Royal flycatcher are two that I’d like to see.

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