A-Z Feathered Dinosaurs

A – Archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx is one of the first birds though classified as a dinosaur. Its whole body was feathered except for feet and face.  Also, it was carnivorous.


B – Bambiraptor

This raptor was named after – you guessed it, Bambi!  They were feathered like the Archaeopteryx.  They were as big as a medium-sized dog.


C – Changyuraptor

This raptor was found in China.


D – Dakotaraptor

One of the largest raptors.


E – Eoraptor

Eoraptor was about as big as Bambiraptor.


F – Falcarius

This huge feathered Theropod was about 7 feet tall and 4 meters long.  It was discovered in North America.


G – Galimimus

This birdy was huge.  It measured 4 meters tall and 8 meters long!


H – Hagryphus

It was 20 feet long and 9 feet tall.


I – Ingeinia

I love the name of this dino!  It had a hard beak, instead of a snout and was a type of Oviraptor.


J – Jinfenggopteryx

This dinosaur, like Archaeopteryx, is thought to be one of the first birds.


K – Kulindadromeus

This dinosaur was a feathered Ornithopod.


L – Linhevenator

This feathered Troodont would be up to a guy’s hips.


M – Mahakala

This chicken-sized raptor was named after a Buddist god.


N – Nankangia

This Oviraptor was discovered in China.

O – Ornithomimus

It means “bird mimic.”  This dinosaur probably looked like an ostrich.


P – Pamparaptor

This raptor was discovered in the Argentinan Pampas.

Q – Qiupalong

THis guy is also called bird mimic, but to me, it looks like _ _ dragon. (I know a little Chinese)

R – Rahonavis

This little gliding bird-like raptor was featured in the documentary, Dinotasia.


S – Scansoriopteryx

This dinosaur was much like Archaeopteryx.


T – Therizinosaurus

This 6 meter tall and 10 meter long dinosaur had Grim Reaper fingers, though probably vegetarian.


U – Unenlagia

This raptor was found in South America.


V – Velociraptor

“Oh no they’re chasing me!” squeals toddler, chased by pheasants with claws.


W – Wellnhoferia

This little guy is thought to be a species of Archaeopteryx.


X – Xiaotingia

This gliding dinosaur predated Archaeopteryx.


Y – Yulong

This Oviraptor was the size of a chicken.


Z – Zhenyuanlong

This guy is also known as the “Fluffy Feathered Poodle From Hell!”



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