Chickens With Dino Snouts

Chicken with dino snout interpretation

Chickens are amazing. They are very useful. One of the most obscure uses for them is for DNA manipulation.

So, can we inject dino DNA into them and have Jurassic Park?

Probably not.  There is almost no dinosaur DNA left, definitely not enough to make a dinosaur.

But, there’s a way we could work around that problem.

Project Chickenosaurus is working on it, trying to recreate a dino-bird like Archaeopteryx.


Already, a team (I don’t know if it was Chickenosaurus) has created chicken embryos with dinosaur snouts.


Using tiny beads with certain molecules on them, they suppressed the beak gene and surprisingly, it reverted into the ancestral dinosaur snout.  From the left to right on the skull scans:  control chicken embryo, experiment chicken embryo, and alligator embryo.  The embryo when hatched would have the dino snout, but it would be covered in keratin.  Still, this is a huge step towards the Chickenosaurus.

The scientists did not have the permission to hatch the chickens, though.

9 months ago


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