My Favorite Fossils


This is a Confuciusornis.  Over 100 fossils of these beautiful fork-tailed birds have been discovered.  They lived in what is now the southern USA and Asia.

Here is a depiction:


This seemingly harmless knee-high dino-bird might have had a secret weapon.  Groves have been found in the teeth which suggest it was venomous.



Microraptor had two pairs of wings: one on the arms and one the legs.  Pigments in the fossil revealed it had iridescent black feathers.  It ate fish.



This fossil was found in Germany, and was a big win on the theory of evolution, as it was a transition-phase creature.  Its wing and tail feathers were beautifully preserved.

My recon:


The Tail

This fossil was a lucky find in the amber markets or Myanmar.  It was a tail that sported perfectly preserved proto-feathers.  It came from a small dino like this:

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