Saurian Story

I’ll talk about a new awesome dino-sim

Saurian is the world’s most accurate dinosaur simulator.  It was released about two months ago.  The setting is in Hell Creek, North Dakota.

It is a survival-based game.  As for now, the only playable character Dakotaraptor.  In the future, there will be T rex, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Anzu.

There are many other animals in the environment, including crocs, birds, lizards, and Acheraraptors.


In the beginning, you spawn as a hatchling with two parents and another sibling(s).  Your main food is birds, lizards and your iblings.


When you reach Age 1, you grow slightly bigger and you are able to do RPR(Raptor Prey Restraint) which is when you jump on a prey item’s back, balance, and bite.

At Age 3, you turn into a sub-adult and it is a lot easier to survive.  The main prey items are now, along with birds and lizards, Acheraptors and smaller Dakotaraptors.

At Age 5, your raptor turns into an adult, and you can do almost anything!  The controls are very hard, and I had little success hunting Pachycephalosaurus, the now “main” prey item.  (I died every time)


When you’re 11 you become a “Super-Adult.”  Now you can take on even Triceratops!  (I haven’t reached this stage yet)

Now I will tell the life story of Jane, my Dakotaraptor.
(Note not everything written happened in the game and I actually died multiple times)

Jane opened her eyes to the world.  She had two siblings and parents.  Everybody started walking to the lake, through a light redwood.  She started to feel hungry and killed one of her sisters.  Jane and her brother gorged themselves and then ran after their parents.  When they got to the beach, Jane killed and ate her brother.  Not finding anymore use in staying with her parents, she took a sip of water and rested.

The Risk

A year later, Jane became a juvenile.  She was still living at the lake.  Suddenly, a T Rex came out of the forest and another came swimming over, and on the way, stepped on a croc.  The rexes stared at each other.  Jane severely needed a drink, and the only place that didn’t have a cliff on the edge of the lake was where one of them were standing.  In a mad rush, Jane bit one of the rex’s tails.  It looked around and started walking back towards the forest.  Luckily, Jane had gotten out of the way.  The other T Rex slunk back into the water.  She approached the croc.  Another croc was bitting it and it was biting back.  Then, one of them died, soaked in blood.  The other injured croc started tearing away at its flesh.  Jane attacked and killed it, for it had low health.  She started eating.  Suddenly, she caught a whiff of T Rex and looked up, and ran.  She nearly was caught in those descending jaws.  She watched as the T Rex devoured her half-earned kill.

Two years later, Jane was a sub-adult.  Her favorite food was Acheraptor.  The next year, she decided to venture for a river.  After a day of wandering, she finally found it.  There were so many tasty birds.  Over the next years, she wandered up the river.

When she was five she became an adult.  She did not really have the knack of RPR, so she hunted small prey like birds, lizards, smaller Dakotaraptors, and Acheroraptors.

When she was 7 she made a nest in a bush and two Dakotaraptor chicks hatched.  They immediately left the nest.


When Jane was eight, she decided to swim across a river, where she saw a bird in the sand.  While she was swimming, a croc sidled up to her and started biting.  She bit back, but it was of no use.  The croc killed and ate her.

In a week or two I’ll have Valkyrie’s Life Story
7 months ago

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