Let’s go Dinowatching!

Okay, now you paid for your Dinowatching tour  of Hell Creek, we go

Hey, are you wondering why I suddenly got obsessed with Hell Creek?

Probably not so I’ll not bother you

Okay, back to business

Now you’re in the time machine, lets go!

Everything turns white.

We open our eyes.  We are in a jeep in a  fern prairie.  In front, there is a river, and to the left there is a small forest.  We drive a little.  I point out to you a chunky bird on the ground.  It is about up to your knees.  Suddenly, you notice instead of a beak, it has a snout with teeth.  It is a baby Dakotaraptor.

Then I point out to you its sibling.  Suddenly, we hear a hiss behind us.  We see a bigger version of the baby Dakotas growling at a huge Gila-monster-like lizard.  It is a Palaeosanwia.  The lizard scuttles away.

We drive on a  little.  I stop the car a little way away and we watch the raptor family head for the river.  Suddenly, one of the chicks starts attacking the other.  The other sibling joins in.  They kill it and eat it.  They then run to the beach where their mother is starting to hunt a bird.

We hear a rustling in the ferns behind us.  A huge Tyrannosaurus rex is gazing after the raptor family.  Seeing us, it glances over for a second.

Credit: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198319322968

We hold out breaths.  Seeming not interested, it continues shadowing the raptor family.  It might want to eat the raptors.  We drove towards the beach.  We stop at the edge of the beach, where the forest meets the beach.  A dome-headed animal, a Pachycephalosaurus, is headbutting a crocodile, a Borealosuchus.  The croc is hissing and biting the Pachy back.

Finally, the croc, bleeding, tries to slip into the water.  But the Pachy headbutts the croc again, and it sags down, dead.  We sit there in awe for a minute.  One of the raptor hatchlings runs out of the bushes and starts eating the croc.

A few seconds later, the rest of the family comes.  They all start eating the croc.  Suddenly, two crocs come out of the water.  They start biting the parents.  In fear, the chicks watch from the beach.  One of the adult raptors got instantly killed, for the croc had reached up and bit its neck.  The other raptor fought back, but it had no chance against the  two crocs.

In a cracking of bushes, the T rex rushes onto the beach.  I whisper for you to crouch down at the bottom of the jeep.  But, fortunately for us, the T Rex starts eating the carcasses, scaring the crocs into the water.

Its time we ate lunch.  Since its too dangerous to eat here, we have to time travel back to the office.

An hour later, we step into the time machine.  I say, “How about we see an older raptor?”

Everything turns white.

We open our eyes.  We are in the jeep again, on a beach next to a marsh.  There is a brisk breeze that is blowing the horsetails around.  A softshell turtle sunbathes on a log.  There is a bird on the sand, about 30 yards away.  It is white with black wings and looks remarkably like a railbird.  It is called DePalma’s Ornithine.  A croc slinks out of the water, behind it.  Another croc comes out too.  The crocs start to fight, and the bird flies away.

One of the crocs kills the other.  Suddenly, an adult Dakotaraptor rushes out of the bushes and swiftly bites the surviving croc on the neck, killing it.  It then starts eating the carcasses.

A Pachycephalosaurs comes out of the forest to the river to get a drink.  Seeing the Dakota, it tilts its head to the side and grunts.  The Dakota screeches at it.

Then, in a rush, the Dakota leaped onto the Pachy’s back, biting and flapping.

This is called Raptor Prey Restraint(RPR)

The raptor hangs onto and bites the Pachy until it is covered with blood and falls down, dead.

The Dakota leaves, and then two baby Dakotas start eating the carcass.  Suddenly, a small black raptor, an Acheroraptor, sneaks up behind the chicks.  One of the chicks sees it and gives an alarm call.  The other chick turns around and threat displays towards the Achero.  While the Achero is hissing at the other chick, the first chick sneaks behind the Acher and RPRs it.  The other chick joins in, biting the Achero’s tail.  Finally, with a squawk, the Achero falls, and one of the chicks bites at its throat until the Achero is completely covered with blood.  Then the chicks go back to the kill.


We saw a T rex walk by and drink from the marsh.  Its feathers were speckled with white.  It then walked back into the forest.  We drive after it and see it approach a Triceratops.

It slowly tries to get around to the Trike’s side, but the Trike charges, goring the T rex. The rex tries to fight back, but only bloodies the Trike’s frill.  In the end, it falls over, dead.


An inquisitive Dakota runs up to the carcass and starts eating.

I say, “Let’s go home.” I press a button on the console, and everything goes white.

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