How the Halszkaraptor was really discovered

If you are a feathered dino fan, you probably heard about the discovery of Halszkaraptor.  But that’s not how it was really discovered


How the Halszkaraptor was really Discovered

Looking through the binoculars in the mist, I could barely see a cormorant sitting on a rock in the lake. I adjusted the binoculars more, and saw that it was not a cormorant, but some type of…dinosaur? Its coloration was different than cormorants, it had little claws sticking out of its wings, and a long, slightly swaying tail. It was about the size of an elongated mallard. Why in the world was there a dinosaur here! Suddenly, I remembered I was dinowatching. I went around the lake to get a better view. The dinosaur was speckled black and brown, with a white throat. I looked at the dino-guide. It wasn’t in there. I knew that this might be a new species, or a different variation at least. When I was about to take out my camera, the dinosaur pushed off the rock and paddled in the water.

The fog started to clear. The water in the lake was shallow, and I waded in up to my boots in it. Then, I could see tiny balls of fluff following it. Suddenly, another dino-duck came out of the reeds, the male. It had a brown and green marbled back and a bright green stripe down its neck. They swam towards the other side of the lake, and I followed them on the bank. Eventually, we got to a congregation of dino-ducks. All of their heads were in the water, probably sifting for little minnows or plankton. Their feet were moving rapidly, stirring up mud, and of course, the food. I got some good pictures and radioed the ranger to come and see.

Suddenly, the bank of the lake collapsed onto the lake, burying everything in it, and I was trapped up to my neck in heavy mud and dirt. I tried to dig myself out.  I wiggled my shoulders and kicked my feet, and I eventually made an air pocket.  Then, I started to push myself out when my hand landed on something soft and fluffy. I picked up one of the gray, adorable dinosaur chicks. It was gasping for breath. The fog started to come back again. I heard the radio a few feet away and underground say, “Sorry, emergency call. Will not come. Copy?” I put the chick down and pulled myself out. I was very dizzy. Then I dug a little for the radio, with the chick sleeping in the pocket of my jacket. It was getting dark, and I couldn’t find it. Or the jeep…

I bolted up in bed. It was early in the morning. I blurrily walked to the bathroom and washed my face. Then I heard a peeping noise from in my pajama pocket. A duck-like head peeped out. Only it had tiny, sharp teeth…

5 months ago

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