After the Impact

This lil story is based a lil after asteroid hit earth


A Dakotaraptor was in pain.  She screeched in agony as she felt the rough tree trunk dig into her leg.  All around her was thick, gray smoke, and the fire was getting closer.  She struggled to get out from under the log; the fire of the pain reflected in her desperate red eyes.  She could her the crackling of the blaze enclosing, and the smoke engulfing her.  With a screech she pulled her leg, and it came out from under the log, bloody and almost bare of feathers.  She slowly got up.  There was smoke everywhere, and no stars shown in the sky.  She could barely see above her a couple of Quetzalcoatl circling the smoldering forest.  The fire completely surrounded her now, and she had only one choice.  She shimmied up a tree painfully, and clung tight to the trunk.  She surveyed the scorched area around and below her and realized that the prairie was no better than the forest; for the ferns were a blaze, and a crumpled Tyrannosaurus lay in their mist, its feathers alight and burning as brightly as the ferns.  She could only wait out the fire, if it ever ended.  She thought of her chicks she left under a bough to hunt, and her mate that was guarding them.  A resounding crack brought her back to reality.  A tree right next to hers was tipping slowly, sending up sparks and ashes into the air, and it crashed onto the ground.  She heard a bellow and saw an Ankylosaurus briefly before it was engulfed in flames.  She began to wheeze, and her red eyes watered.  The smoke was getting to her.  She shimmied almost up to the top, adjacent to a branch.  She looked at it sidelong.  It was moderately thick, and it might support her weight.  She looked down again.  The fire wasn’t going out anytime soon.  She winced as she slowly clambered onto the branch.  It creaked a little, but didn’t break.  She lay sprawled on it, in not the most comfortable position, observing the destruction below.  She swayed her tail slightly, too shocked to feel hungry or thirsty.  Only tired.  Then, with her head bowed, about to go to sleep, she noticed the flame licking up the trunk of the tree, staining it black.  Her instincts had told her to chose this tree, for it was the wide red one, that withstood most fires.  She was assured and looked at the brutal landscape about her.  Almost everything she could see was a-flame, and the only sound to be heard was the crackling of fire.

5 months ago

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