After the Impact

This lil story is based a lil after asteroid hit earth   A Dakotaraptor was in pain.  She screeched in agony…

4 months ago

Top Dangerous Birds and news

10.  Australian Magpie Image Credit: Nicholas Tomney 9.  Blue-capped Ifrita Image Credit: Chris Kehoe 8.  Hooded Pitohui   7.  Harpy Eagle…

6 months ago

Let’s go Dinowatching!

Okay, now you paid for your Dinowatching tour  of Hell Creek, we go Hey, are you wondering why I suddenly got…

6 months ago


In the distance, you see a silhouette of a giant bird, walking on a sparsely vegetated sandy hill. When you…

7 months ago

Saurian Story

I’ll talk about a new awesome dino-sim Saurian is the world’s most accurate dinosaur simulator.  It was released about two…

7 months ago

Did Ceratopsians have feathers?

This can’t be true, right?  First raptors and now this… Prepare to be mind-blown! ;p It’s a possible theory. Quill…

7 months ago

Videos of the Week

I like the end A High dino!  Take a look at the next vid>>> Revenge!

8 months ago

What’s Paleoart?

Paleoart is the art of drawing extinct animals and plants.  For now, we’ll focus on feathered dinosaurs. In this post,…

8 months ago

My Favorite Fossils

Confuciusornis This is a Confuciusornis.  Over 100 fossils of these beautiful fork-tailed birds have been discovered.  They lived in what is now the…

8 months ago