Raptor Stories

Sorry, the store is not ready yet, but here are some of the stories that we will be selling


Arak and Petra - A Raptor Story

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Petra's neighbors on Elm Drive have gone missing over the years on Elm Drive.

One night, when Petra is checking for holes that killers might get in through,

she finds...

Lost in the Jungle

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Haily gets in the jungle in a remote Indonesian jungle.  How can she survive?

Fishing for Gold

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At the start of the Gold Rush, Lila and her friend start a humorous adventure to find gold

The Tiebreaker

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In a parallel universe, Nyla and Srline's tribe is being attacked by raiders.  When the battle turns out to be a draw, Srline's skill is tested in a life-or-death fight.

Island Time

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Ora lives on a remote island chain called the Torabies.  One day, she and her friends spot something in the sky that changed their lives.

Life of a Falcon

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Sheenfeather is a juevenile falcon, ready to take her first flight, hunt and later territory.  Will she make it?